The Herbalife Combo is a 10-day detox and cleanse programme that is designed to help reduce the build-up of toxins and debris in your intestinal tract.

Your intestines will reduce to their normal size after the elimination of toxins and debris and as a result you will see a permanent decrease of size in your belly button area.

The Herbalife Combo Program is easy and lasts 10 days!!

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Mix: A balance of Soy Protein, Carbohydrates, Key Vitamins & Minerals, and Fiber, to help nourish your body as part of a weight-management or healthy nutrition program.  Approximately 220 calories in each serving when prepared with semi-skimmed milk, to help you control your calorie intake. High Protein diets can help with building lean body mass giving you more shape and can contribute to an increased metabolic rate.

Herbalife Aloe Vera Concentrate: Aloe Vera Concentrate helps cleanse your internal body and eliminate the toxins with its organic nutrients and enzymes. Many people apply Aloe on their skin for sunburn, dry skin, hair loss, etc because of its great healing properties. Aloe also has similar effects for our internal body. It not only soothes our body, making our body less bloated, but also hydrates our body.

Herbalife Multifibre Drink: Eating a balanced diet with plenty of wholegrains can help you meet you daily fiber requirements. If you are struggling to eat enough fiber, taking a fiber supplement can help you to reach the recommended daily fiber intake of 25g per day.

Belly Buster Program Instructions

The Herbalife Combo Program is Simple.  This is how it works:

1. Replace any two meals a day with our Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix

2. Have 1 glass of Aloe Vera drink 3 times a day

3. Mix 1 measuring spoon (6,8 g) of Multifibre with 150 ml of water or add a scoop to your favorite shake mix

4. Eat a normal main meal, whatever you normally eat!

5. Drink plenty of water between meals.  You will naturally feel thirsty, and feel like drinking water.

Make sure you take the tablets BEFORE your main meal